Our Family


Our church governance is congregational and is made up of the Pastor (Steve King), Elder (Brad Swim), Deacons, Deaconesses, Secretary, Trustee, and Treasurer. All attendees are welcome to participate in business discussions but only church members vote on resolutions.


Pastor Steve leads us into worship each Sunday with Brad Swim on the piano, Deb Knowles on the organ, Pastor Steve on the guitar, and James Swim on either cello or guitar. Vocal support comes from Cherryl and Sarah Knowles as well as others, young and old who love to sing.


Steve and Sheri King are from Buffalo, MN. Steve serves as our pastor and Sheri leads youth Sunday School/Bible Study as well as a Ladies Bible Study on Wednesday mornings. Jointly they guide our prayer meeting at the parsonage on Wednesday evenings. We are privileged to have them and their 4 children in our fellowship. […]